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Link tables

This section contains the tables from the text that summarized some of the Web sites available for bioinformatics analysis. The tables are listed by their corresponding table number in the book. These tables are regularly updated in an attempt to keep the URLs current; however, if you have suggestions or corrections for this section, please submit them to [email protected].

  Table 2.5: Major sequence databases
  Table 3.1: Alignment of sequence pairs
  Table 6.1: Protein database searches
  Table 6.2: Database searches with simple queries
  Table 6.7: Smith-Waterman database searches
  Table 6.8: Database searches with complex queries
  Table 7.1: Phylogenetic relationships
  Table 8.1: RNA databases and analysis
  Table 9.1: Sequence translation
  Table 9.6: Promoter prediction
  Table 10.1: Protein structural analysis
  Table 10.4: Databases of protein families
  Table 10.5: Programs for viewing proteins
  Table 10.7: Threading servers and programs
  Table 10.8: Structural feature prediction
  Table 11.1: Genome information and analysis
  Table 13.1: Statistical microarray analysis
  Table 13.2: Microarray data analysis
  Table 13.3: Microarray databases


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