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Chapter problems

The problems were developed by David Mount for a Bioinformatics course at The University of Arizona. The exercises are therefore well suited for classroom use, but also provide a means for any reader to test his knowledge of important concepts from each chapter. The author welcomes and encourages your suggestions, corrections, and improvements.

  Chapter 1: Historical Introduction and Overview
  Chapter 2: Collecting and Storing Sequences in the Laboratory
  Chapter 3: Alignment of Pairs of Sequences
  Chapter 4: Introduction to Probability and Statistical Analysis of Sequence Alignments
  Chapter 5: Multiple Sequence Alignment
  Chapter 6: Sequence Database Searching for Similar Sequences
  Chapter 7: Phylogenetic Prediction
  Chapter 8: Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure
  Chapter 9: Gene Prediction and Regulation
  Chapter 10: Protein Classification and Structure Prediction
  Chapter 11: Genome Analysis
  Chapter 12: Bioinformatics Programming Using Perl and Perl Modules
  Chapter 13: Analysis of Microarrays


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