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Chapter 11 Web Search Terms

The list of Web sites listed in Table 11.1 provides a starting point for accessing genomic databases and Web sites. These sites have relatively stable and simple Web addresses that can be typed into the browser window. If this does not work, a Web search for the site will usually work. Each year in January, the journal Nucleic Acids Research publishes a special database issue. This issue is a valuable resource for finding currently available databases of genomic information. Following is a list of Web search terms that may be used to reach additional sites.

Alfresco Visualization tool for genomes. A comprehensive gene index.
ASD Alternative splicing database project.
CGAP Cancer genome anatomy project.
DOGS Database of genome sizes.
E-CELL A modeling and simulation environment for cells.
Ecocyc Electronic encyclopedia of E. coli genes.
Ensembl e! Genome browser.
EpoDBis A database of genes that relate to vertebrate red blood cells.
FAST_PAN Automatic searches of online EST databases.
Flybase D. melanogaster: genomic database.
GAIA Genome Annotation and Information.
GeneCensus Genome Comparisons, M. Gerstein laboratory.
GeneDB Parasite genome database.
Gene Ontology System for describing gene functions.
GeneQuiz Integrated system for sequence analysis and management.
GeneRAGE Sequence clustering and domain detection.
Genew Human gene nomenclature database.
GenProtEC E. coli genome and proteome database.
GFF Specifications for describing genes.
GKB Genome knowledgebase of biological processes.
Golden Path Human genome browser.
Gramene Grass genome database.
IMGT ImMunoGeneTics Database.
KEGG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.
MAGPIE Genome Project Investigation Environment.
MaizGDB Maize (corn) genomic database.
MBGB Microbial genome database.
MitBASE, MitoMap Mitochondrial Database.
PEDANT A protein extraction, description, and analysis tool.
RGD, RatMap Rat genomic databases.
RIO Automated method for phylogenomic analysis
RSDB Repetitive sequence database.
SEQUEST Identification of proteins following mass spectrometry.
SGD Yeast genomic database.
SNP consortium Collection of SNPs in the human genome.
STRING Search Tool for Neighboring Genes.
SWISS-2DPAGE Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis database.
TAIR A. thaliana information resource.
TAMBIS Resource for biological information.
TIGR Genome resource especially for prokaryotes.
WormBase C. elegans database.


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