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  1. Start Rasmol and open the pdb file. Rasmol presents a number of drop-down windows for varying the views. Behind this window is a command window where commands may be typed (see point 2, below, for commands).
    1. Rotating molecule: Move mouse.
    2. Moving molecule across screen: Move mouse while holding down command or option key.
    3. Display options: Use the various display options (especially wireframe, ribbons, and cartoon) to see the effects.
    4. Colors: Try various options (especially group options).
    5. Stereo: Eyes either have to look straight ahead or else be crossed so that each eye is viewing a different image. The image in the middle will be stereo. Visual devices may be available.
    6. Labels: Label amino acids. The view will need to be zoomed to see the labels (see command window, below). Another way of identfying the amino acid is to click on the molecule; the atom or amino acid will be identified in the command window.
  2. Rasmol command window:
    1. Choose command on the drop-down window.
    2. Type "help commands" to view all available commands.
    3. To zoom the molecule, type "zoom" followed by a number. Zoom 100 is the standard view; a zoom less than 100 is smaller and a view larger than 100 is bigger. Zoom 500 will allow one to view the individual amino acids.


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