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Chapter 12 Web Search Terms

The following Web search terms will direct a Web browser to useful Perl resources and related information.

ActivePerl Perl package for different operating systems including MS Windows.
Beginning Perl One of our favorite free books by Simon Cozens. Maintains lists of software. Package of BioPerl modules.
CaBIO Collection of data models for bioinformatics and data searches.
CPAN Comprehensive Perl Archive Netowrk, a resource of CPAN modules.
DDD Debugging program.
GNU The Free Software Foundation.
Impatient Perl One of our favorite free books by Greg London.
knoppix A bootable CD with a collection of GNU/Linux software.
LWP A Perl Library supporting WWW access. Open software initiative (OSI) for sharing low-cost software.
OSI Open Bioinformatics Foundation is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization focused on supporting Open Source programming in bioinformatics. Perl resource by O'Reilly and Associates. Source of Perl program, documentation, and free books. Documentation on Perl and CPAN modules.
ptkdb Debugging program. Resource for Open Source software and projects, e.g., Perl-XML.


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