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Chapter 8 Web Search Terms

Using search terms such as RNA structure, ribosomal RNA or subunit (e.g., riboweb), intron, pseudoknot, RNA editing or modification, stochastic context-free grammars (SCFGs), and covariation will find current locations of the major Web sites with information and computational resources related to this chapter. There are many curated databases of different classes of RNA molecules on the web. Current versions of these may be found using search terms ribonuclease P, small RNA, signal recognition particle (SRP), snoRNA, tmRNA, and U RNA. Additional search terms for RNA analysis program are given below and in the list of Web sites in Table 8.1.

BRUCE tmRNA (for degradation of stalled transcription) gene finder.
mfold Minimal energy structure of RNA molecule by Michael Zuker.
QRNA A structural noncoding RNA genefinder using SCFG models.
Rfam An RNA family database, a collection of msa's and covariance models representing noncoding RNA families (try and
rRNAscan-SE tRNA search.
VIENNA RNA Group Most probable minimal energy structures.


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