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Chapter 5 Web Search Terms

Using multiple sequence alignment as a search phrase is usually sufficient to find information on msa programs. Program names and authors listed in Table 5.1 are the next best choice. More stable Web sites are also given in the text. Lists of additional Web sites for msa are maintained at:,, and The following search terms also find general use sites and software:

BCM Baylor College of Medicine maintains a list of msa links on their searchlauncher site.
BOXSHADE Marks identical or similar residues in msa's with shaded boxes by K. Hofmann.
DCA Global msa program that performs simultaneous alignment of all sequences (Stoye et al. 1997).
PCMA Profile consistency multiple sequence alignment is a progressive msa program based on alignment of profiles (Pei et al. 2003).
READSEQ Conversion between msa formats (W. Gilbert, University of Indiana; visit BCM site).


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