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Chapter 4 Web Search Terms

Probability and statistics courses with supportive Web pages are so commonly taught in colleges and universities that a large amount of supplementary information to this chapter can readily be found using search terms found throughout the chapter. The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) also provides informative manuals on statistical analysis of sequence alignment scores used in BLAST searches. The following search terms may also provide updates to Web site locations.

FASTA a suite of computer programs by Dr. W.R. Pearson that includes tools for finding alternative alignments of sequences and statistical evaluation of sequence alignment scores.
LALIGN a program for finding alternative local alignments of sequences as a test for validity of the highest scoring alignment.
PRSS a sequence scrambling tool that is a part of the FASTA suite of programs and that may be used to evaluate the statistical significance of local alignment scores.
SAPS a program for evaluation of statistical features of repeats and amino acid patterns and clusters in the same sequence.


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